Nikki Painter
"Centerfold Artist" at Project 4 Gallery

I have a new installation piece in "Centerfold Artist," a group show up now through May 3 at Project 4 Gallery. 

This show is the result of an ongoing project which you can read more about here, masterminded by artists Zac Willis and Annette Isham.

"CSA: Forty Years of Community-Sourced Art" on WETA

"CSA: Forty Years of Community-Souced Art" was recently featured on WETA's Around Town project.

CSA: 40 Years of Community Sourced Art at Arlington Art Center

I have work in "CSA: 40 Years of Community-Sourced Art" at Arlington Arts Center. Thank you to Laura Roulet for including me in this diverse and talented group of artists.

Profile on Centerfold Artist/Trop

Thank you to Zac Willis and Annette Isham for taking the time to interview me via Centerfold Artist and Trop. Lots of other great artists are included too, so check it out.

Living and Working at Civilian Art Projects

I will have work in "Living and Working" at Civilian Art Projects, opening Dec. 19th. Come celebrate Civilian's 8 years, and support this wonderful DC space.

Thread at Union Market

Civilian Art Projects will be showing my work (along with the work of many other excellent artists) this weekend at Thread at Union Market.

"Volume Recap Show"

My work will be part of a one-night show in Bethlehem, PA for artists featured in the first year of Volume's online exhibitions.

Words and Images by the D.C. Docent

Thank you to the D.C. Docent for the kind words about Marissa Long's and my artist talks at Civilian Art Projects. D.C. Docent's Tumblr also includes a lot of great images from both of our shows. 

(Header image by the D.C. Docent)

Work included in Helen Birch's "Freehand"

I am excited to have "Field Study (Thrall)" included in "Freehand," a drawing book by Helen Birch.

"Neon Planar" reviewed in City Paper

The DC City Paper reviewed Marissa Long's and my concurrent solo exhibitions at Civilian Art Projects here.

"Neon Planar" at Civilian Art Projects

My solo exhibition, "Neon Planar" opens Friday, September 13th at Civilian Art Projects. This is my third solo exhibition with the gallery. It will be on view until October 19th. 

"Practicing to Pretend" on San Francisco Arts Quarterly

Check out some writing about my work in "Practicing to Pretend" here.

"Practicing to Pretend" at Alter Space

I have work in "Practicing to Pretend" at Alter Space in San Francisco. Thank you to Melissa Dickenson for including my work in this great show!

The show will run from July 13th through August 17th.

Volume online exhibition

My work was part of Volume's March two-person online exhibition, "Building Black" along with Matthew Shelley's landscape-sourced collages.

Transformer FlatFile Artwork Raffle

Transformer is holding a raffle for works currently in their FlatFile: purchase a raffle ticket for $50 for the chance to win an artwork. These (above and below images) are my works currently in the FlatFile.

Visit the heading link to see the list of all of the awesome artists who have works included in the raffle. 

Raffle winners will be announced June 19th!